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The books tell imaginative, funny and eco-friendly stories about The Bongles.


The Bongles are colourful bouncy creatures who reuse, repair and upcycle objects that wash up onto their pristine shores. These guys just love turning trash into treasure.

Meet Big Bubba!

Meet the Twins!

Meet Brainy!

Meet Pet Robot!


"I really liked Big Bubba in TV Dinner. He’s very greedy and loves cakes so much and it’s such a funny story when he eats the tv!" 


Adam  aged 7

"Eliza really loved the Bongles She said it was like Dr Seuss! She 'taught' her class of teddies by reading The Bongles book to them. I had a read too, and it's great and very eco-friendly. I love the rose-tinted specs. Genius!"

"This story is so fun, will capture the kids attention as well as be amusing for adults. The rhymes flow nicely when reading aloud. The illustrations are whimsical, quirky and quite funny! You will come to love the little group of monsters on this island far away and the way they learn to reuse different items that wash up on their shore. A very fun read. Love the rest of the books in this series too!" 



"My son was doing all the voices of Big Bubba and Rubbish Girl - it really is a  great, original book for wee ones. There's also a subtle reference to the importance of a clean and green environment which was really good to talk to my son about too. A great find. We'll be looking forward to checking out the others in the series."





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