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A Bongles Adventure - Rubbish Island



A series outline for animations and books


The adventure stories are built around the Bongles drifting along on their Island Ship and encountering strange worlds where they have to

solve problems in fun and amusing ways.

The underlying themes include; the importance of teamwork, friendship, ecology and looking after the environment.


These themes are interwoven with a light touch.


First and foremost they are entertaining, endearingly

funny stories.

Bongle Adventures will be available as; 5 minute animations, interactive ebooks and print books.


The books series is written in rhyme which aids English language learning.  ( The animation is not in rhyme.)

Rubbish Island

The Bongles on their Bongle Island Ship find a whole trail of rubbish washed up on the shore. They then transform themselves into their flying machine and head off to Rubbish Island.


Big Bubba finds some rose tinted glasses amongst all the rubbish, he puts them on and immediately falls in love with, the not very beautiful, Rubbish Princess. Big Bubba is introduced to the King of Rubbish Island and is treated like a son until he is found to be really greedy as he eats and drinks everything on the island.

The Rubbish Princess leaves him for her old boyfriend and so Big Bubba tries to win her back by making a big sculpture out of rubbish. The old boyfriend has to make an even bigger sculpture. Soon the island is cleared of rubbish and transformed into a beautiful garden filled with sculptures. Big Bubba takes off his glasses and realises that Rubbish Princess is not as beautiful as he thought. He is saved at the last minute by the Bongles in their flying machine.

Party Island

Loud music drifts across the waves, Big Bubba grabs his giant paddle and without asking for anyone’s advice or consent paddles furiously towards Party Island.

Bubba rushes right into the party and immediately introduces himself to everyone. The Party Bongles take to him immediately and offer him coconut cocktails. The Party Bongles however look down their noses at the other Bongles. They are not invited to join the beach party and so wander off looking really rather dejected.

Brainy asks the mayor of Party Island what the occasion is. The mayor tells them that he gave everyone a day off work for Party Island Day but the sun has never set and this day seems to be going on forever. All the shops are closed and the streets are full of rubbish as everyone has just kept on partying.


Brainy suggests they take their ship’s sail, fly towards the sun, block the light and put the island in the shade. Pet Bongle tunes his radio to a station that only plays lullabies and he blasts out this calming sweet music across the island. The light slowly fades and darkness descends. The Party Bongles can be heard yawning and saying goodnight to one another. They all slowly trip off to bed.


The Bongle team fly back to their island ship and Bubba climbs straight into his hammock and immediately falls into a deep sleep and snores so loud he almost wakes up the whole of Party Island. The Twins hold his nose and use his tumultuous breaths to propel the sails.



Telephone Island

The Bongles team arrive on Telephone Island, where everyone just communicates by telephone. There are old fashioned telephone boxes, as well as mobile phones everywhere.


Our team soon acquire their very own Bongle phones and in no time at all, rather than communicating with each each other in their normal Bongle ways, they now simply text or make calls, leave messages on answer-machines or send Bongle eMojis to each other. Even a trip to the shops involves Bongle eMojis rather that talking to the assistant on the till.


Our Bongles team are having a right old laugh. Brainy and the Twins are especially taken by this new technology. Bubba however, realising he can’t eat it, or play football with it throws his phone into the sea. Now he has no friends, the entire island including his fellow Bongles, simply won’t talk to him unless it’s by Bongle Phone.

At a loss Bubba starts to sulk. All alone Bubba ends up at the giant telephone shaped building and gives it a good old kick. It starts to shudder. Around him the locals are losing reception, texts and calls are no longer getting through.

He gives the building another kick and as it crumbles to the ground, the signals to all the phones are lost. In no time at all everyone throws away their phones in frustration. Soon Bubba has everyone dancing on the beach. Bongles are jumping around and having some real fun, communicating by touch and smiles. Not a phone in sight.

Yurgon Island

The Bongles sail to what looks like a really busy, built up island. This is Yurgon Island and it sits very low in the water as it is so top heavy with buildings.

The Yurgons are very busy creating luxury goods and shopping. The Bongles cannot help but be taken in by such luxury and soon find themselves running around with handbags and fancy watches like the rest of the islanders.

The whole island starts to shudder. One more luxury car pops out of the factory and the island literally starts to sink. The Bongles run towards the ship, as they run, buildings come crashing down all around them. Water rushes through the buildings and down the streets. Brainy and the team build a giant bridge from luxury goods to a nearby island and allow the islanders to escape just in time before Yurgon Island sinks beneath the waves.

On the new island Brainy instructs the islanders to plant trees and live off the land, and soon the grateful islanders wave our Bongle team goodbye as they set off in their Bongle flying machine back to their Bongle Island Ship.


Mechanical Island


A bunch of rusty old mechanical parts wash up onto the shore. Brainy transforms the parts into a Pet Bongle and applies some oil from a special nut tree.


The Bongle Island Ship runs aground on the scrapheap of a beach of Mechanical Island. As the Bongles walk around Mechanical Island they see lots of mechanical objects and creatures - discarded and rusting. There is an island nearby which is covered in trees, the Bongles shelter from the rain under the trees and come up with a plan.

They plant some trees on Mechanical Island and set up a mechanical device to extract oil from the nuts of the tree. They use the nut oil to get the rusty, discarded old creatures and objects on Mechanical Island moving again. Very soon the place is alive and happy and moving again and Pet Bongle doesn’t want to leave and Bubba doesn't want to leave Pet Bongle.


Pet starts to cry and quickly rusts up Bubba uses the oil to unrust him. Pet is so happy he clings to Bubba and at the last minute they jump aboard the Bongle Island Ship and join the rest of the Bongles crew.


Smoggy Island

After a dark brown cloud of smog floats over Bongle Island, the Twins with Brainy and Bubba fly off to Smoggy Island. All the factories producing toys and fun stuff are polluting the air. However no one will listen as everyone is having too much fun playing with their electronic toys, and simply remain indoors avoiding the dense smog surrounding the island.


After our Bongles team get sidetracked by all the wonderful smog producing products and toys, not to mention Bubba falling in love with a speaking doll, our fab four eventually head over to the city Smog Board.


Brainy creates a smog eating machine and Big Bubba uses all his strength to put the machine on the roof of the city Smog Board. It’s not long before the smog cloud lifts over Smoggy Island and the islanders see the first ray of sunshine and blue sky for years. The Bongles teach the islanders how to play Bongle Ball in the park. The islanders invent new games, involving playing with one another instead of playing on electronic toys. Satisfied, our Bongles team head back to the Bongle Island Ship for a last game of Bongle Ball before tea.



Rubbish Island Script 

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